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Staff Training Services

At its core, Turnaround Solutions is a trainer, it is how we started in the business and it is what we continue to do today with our clients, our staff, and at our communities. While onsite assistance from our team of efforts is key for rapport and to establish a renewed passion for the industry, we know that ultimately self-sufficiency is the goal. Effective sales training will achieve this objective, through several areas of focus:

  • Effective Touring
  • Outbound calls
  • Training in the 5 W's MethodTM
  • Successful creative follow-up and follow-through (they're not the same!)
  • Research

Knowing your senior community and the needs of your demographic is crucial to a successful sales and marketing strategy. For many companies, the type of due diligence required for effective planning and development is oftentimes not feasible due to a lack of available staff or budget restrictions. Turnaround Solutions will alleviate the burden of this arduous task, providing you with feasibility studies, competitive analyses, as well as ensuring proper product development and business plans.

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