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And the Winner of "HUG" is…

By Jillian Eugenios, TODAY.com Contributor

“I’m proud to be the ‘Charmin Tissue’ of the TODAY show!” said Matt Lauer, the winner of Arrow Senior Management residences’ most huggable anchor contest. “And I intend to defend my title with gusto!”

And well he should: He only beat Ann Curry by one vote, despite his fans’ best efforts. That narrow margin hasn’t gone unnoticed by Ann.

“ONE vote?” Curry said Wednesday afternoon. “I demand a recount! I want a hug, dag nab it.”

Ann Grimmer, a resident in St. Louis, Missouri, said she wanted Matt to win so much she voted for him “a couple of times.” The residents were told of the winner at a Hug an Anchor party Tuesday. “It’s always fun to win,” Grimmer said. “It’s always a big deal.”

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